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Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
113 1542d 05h lostjared /source/ added debug screen to maptest  
112 1542d 06h lostjared /source/ps3/source/ minor tweak that would of been really annoying  
104 1543d 23h lostjared /source/ fixed joystick(s) for generic module also maptest is scrollable with controller  
103 1544d 01h lostjared / updated poll_joystick for ps3 better method used  
84 1546d 06h lostjared / added file to output files as c arrays  
74 1547d 03h lostjared /source/ updates  
66 1551d 03h lostjared /source/ cleaned up a few errors and warnings with inclusion of new parser  
61 1551d 05h lostjared /source/ update added parser to engine  
24 1555d 07h lostjared /source/ps3/build/  
23 1555d 07h lostjared /source/ _RGB added  
22 1555d 07h lostjared /source/ added missing code for the color type  
18 1558d 01h lostjared /source/ adding missing functionality to generic  
17 1558d 01h lostjared /source/ps3/debugscr/source/ cleaned up code a bit  
16 1558d 04h lostjared /source/ps3/debugscr/data/ added missing file  
15 1558d 04h lostjared /source/ps3/  
14 1558d 05h lostjared / bring up to date  
11 1558d 05h lostjared / added debug console demo, and source for ps3  
10 1558d 06h lostjared /source/ps3/ debug screen is done  
9 1558d 10h lostjared /source/ps3/debugscr/source/  
8 1558d 10h lostjared /source/ps3/debugscr/source/  

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